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Available 24x7 630-530-6515


Hassett Team Members Attend National Postal Forum

by Don Prentice | May 24, 2017

Several Team members from Hassett Express were once again in attendance at this year's National Postal Forum in Baltimore, MD. The forum kicked off early Monday morning with featured speakers Megan Brennan (Postmaster General) and James Cochrane (Chief Customer and Marketing Officer). They touched based on several new innovations and technology advancements which will enhance the customer experience in an ever changing industry. This year's forum was well attended and we were able to visit with many of our longtime customers and industry leaders. Informed delivery was a hot topic at this year's event. A postal customer can now receive an advanced e-mail notification of what will be delivered to their home each day. This will actually help marketing companies better determine more effective results from mailing campaigns. It was a pleasure to visit with our customers and U.S. postal associates at this year's event. We truly appreciate our customers business and will continue to support their time sensitive transportation needs.

Hassett Team with Customers