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Available 24x7 630-530-6515


Hassett Express Relocates & Celebrates

by Crissy Floyhar | Aug 10, 2016

In October of 2013 when then-President Michelle Halkerston purchased Hassett Express, it was known that our home of over 40 years in Elmhurst, IL would not be a permanent one. Although the site of our future headquarters was unknown, one thing was certain: Hassett was going to grow as a company.  The plan to expand Hassett’s capabilities & service offerings would also mean growth in population.   Attracting new talent to blend with our seasoned veterans would also mean that a new and improved work space was in order.   

After about a year of scouting locations for the new Corporate Headquarters, we selected a nearly 15,000 square foot office space in Oakbrook Terrace.  This location offered many local amenities and also remained within a close proximity to the prior location, keeping the commute easy for employees.  The new office space was completely renovated and updated with new furnishings.  The welcoming and stylish space also features flat screen TV monitors that provide necessary updates, a café with state-of-the-art appliances & a social lounge for employees to retreat to for relaxation, games & fun. 

Since moving into the new location at the end of May, the feedback from team members has been very positive.  Vicki Townsend, an Accounts Payable employee for 15 years says, “This new location is so wonderfully organized and modern.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first walked in.  It makes me even more proud to be a part of the Hassett Team. I have always wanted to work in such a beautiful environment. Thank you to Michelle and the rest of the corporate team for providing this new facility for us.”  To celebrate our new home, we hosted an open house & ribbon cutting ceremony in July.  The guest list included employees, customers, vendors & local dignitaries.  As part of the ribbon cutting, Mayor Tony Ragucci commented, “I’d like to welcome Hassett Express to the community.  Business thrives and makes our community go.  Without the businesses we have we wouldn’t have the luxuries that we do in Oakbrook Terrace.  It’s because of businesses like you that bring people to our community.  Thank you for being here and thank you for coming to our city.”



I can say as an employee that it is an exciting time at Hassett and there are great things on the horizon.  We look forward to the growth of the business and of the Hassett brand.