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Hassett Air Express Announces New Ownership

by Crissy Floyhar | Oct 16, 2013

Hassett Air Express CEO & Co-Owner, Terry Sherman, and CFO & Co-Owner, Donna O'Reilly, along with their minority shareholders have agreed to sell the company to current president, Ms. Michelle Halkerston. Hassett Express, LLC will retain its current executive leadership team comprised of Michelle Halkerston, Mike Stone and Frank Borta, all of whom have decades of leadership experience in the transportation industry.

"Our management team is looking forward to the growth opportunities that lie ahead. The culture and traditional values of Hassett have never been stronger. We will continue to provide a variety of ground and air services necessary to meet and exceed our customers' requirements. Delivery of effective transportation solutions supported by a high level of customer service will be the key to our success", Halkerston said.

Halkerston continued, "It has been a pleasure working alongside Terry and Donna for many years, and on behalf of the entire Hassett family we wish them the very best on their well-earned retirement."

Sherman noted, "The Hassett Way of doing business and serving customers is strong within the organization. The value of customer service and sense of family will continue at Hassett Express, LLC."

Hassett Air Express was founded in 1980 serving the printing and publishing industry both domestically and internationally for over 30 years. In recent years, Hassett has diversified and expanded its customer base providing logistic solutions to the retail and self-serve kiosk markets, gaming industry, automotive parts, and white glove medical equipment shipments, among other market segments.